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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tips to choose Paint Color

Tips to choose Paint Color

Why do we find some rooms to be very soothing and the some other to be very dull or very vibrant sometimes? It is definitely because of the color of the room and decors which can create a calming environment and at the same time destroy it. A soothing color certainly have an effect on our moods and our over all psychology. So finding the right color for homes and the places we work are very important. Few things you should take note of:

Hgtv Dream House: Choose your color

If you are not sure if a color will suit your room then just apply the paint in a small portion of the wall. Now see how it has turn out to be is it the way you expected or its not looking that appealing.

Hgtv Dream House: Paint your Room

When deciding on a color for the room keep in mind the mood of the room. If it’s a bedroom you should go it for more relaxing a serene color like soft pastels and neutrals. Similarly if you want to color up your kid’s room then it should be very bright, playful and energetic colors.

Hgtv Dream House: Color

Now the next important thing you should consider is lighting. Sunlight shows the color exactly as it is. Fluorescent lights bring out a very sharp hue of blue in shades. And incandescent lightings bring out the worm hue in the colors.

Hgtv Dream House: Dream Color

You can add textures to the boring colors and convert your personal space and walls into something artistic. You can add in fine mica, copper, dusty gold and dusty silvers to the color and bring in a beautiful mineral or metallic finish.

These tips can surely help you decide the best hue for your walls.

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