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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

paint your prayers...

This post is largely inspired by Geninne Zlatkis, one of my earliest flickr and blogging friends. She is an extremely talented lady, who illustrates, draws, sketches, paints, carves stamps, crafts, cooks, home schools and also paints on pebbles!

Yes, in her beautiful homes in Mexico (designed by her architect husband) one of the ways in which she adds cheer and beauty is by painting natural motifs on collected pebbles, an interest that I share with her:-)
I always bring back pebbles and stones from our various travels.
I was inspired to try my hand in painting those lovely pebbles. I gave it an Indian twist by painting the traditional 'Kolam' or painted prayers...
Tiny Lord Krishna's feet, for Janmashtami...
Some painted prayers give company to my succulents....
Why restrict yourself to just Kolams, let your creativity flow~ Try Alpanas, Blockprint motifs or any symbol that holds a special meaning for you:-)

Do paint your prayers and see them answered in the form of cheerful corners in your home:-)
(images by Arch)

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