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Monday, May 31, 2010

Home and Garden Design | Damage To Wooden Floors

Many hardwood floors develop small splits or cracks in the surface of the wood over the years. This is due to the fact that wood can dry out with central heating and air conditioning. One way of repairing these is to use some angled nails to secure the two pieces together, along with some wood putty to hide the blemishes. If, however, your floor is suffering from large splits you might want to think about refinishing the floor, one good thing about wood floors is that they can be re-sanded and re-finished over the years so that blemishes like this can be dealt with fairly easily..

Another common hardwood floor problem is that gaps can develop between planks. This is another problem that relates to the nature of the material. Wood is a natural substrate and therefore often shrinks as it dries and expands if it gets wet. Therefore most of the gaps that you will find in your wooden floor will be seasonal therefore perhaps if you can bear it the best plan is to be patient. The natural process of wood will change through time. However if the gaps are there all year round you may have to call on a professional to sort things out for you.

Buckling in a wooden floor is a major problem and one that you can’t deal with yourself or just want until the seasonality of the wood makes things right. A buckled floor occurs when the boards warp and lift up from the subfloor that they are attached to. You will have to identify the cause of the bucking and sort that out first before you reattach the floor to the subfloor once more.
It is ever so easy to scratch a wooden floor but it is essential that you deal with scratches as they happen. Your wooden floor could just have a small scratch that can be easily dealt with but if it is a deep scratch it may need a bit of extra tlc. Small scratches are fairly common and extremely easy to fix. You can conceal the area with a similar coloured crayon to the wood of the floor. However, if the scratches are much larger and appear to be gouges, more work will be needed. Firstly you will need to sand down the finish from the area that has been scratched, then you need to fill the gouge with wood filler. Once this is dry you can sand down the area once more and finish it off with a sealant to ensure it is as good as new.

Water Stains
Water is the big bad when it comes to wooden floors. You use a coaster on your wooden tables because otherwise they get stained – it is the same with a wooden floor. If it should get stained it is important to dry the area as soon as possible. If it is stained it is a case of having to sand down he area and re-finish the floor so try to avoid the work in the first place and not to spill anything!

Like water the other big bad for woood floors is burns. Seems obvious doesn’t it but burns can happen on wooden floors for many reasons. Cigarettes, hot oil, or dropping a hot pan onto the floor things like this are easily done. If this should happen, evaluate the situation. Minor burns can be dealt with like water stains however if it is a bad burn you will have to deal with it like you would a deep scratch. So the moral is to be careful at all times.

Wood floors may need more maintenance than linoleum or tile floors, but they make up for it in beauty. Be sure you get your money's worth out of your floors by knowing how to immediately fix any problem by yourself at home. If you need to talk to someone about wooden floors or problems you have with a wooden floor why not contact Timberland Flooring.

Canoe bookshelf


Home and Garden Design | 2010-Modern Interiors Wall Ethnic in Wonderfactory Office

Specials Art Wall Office DesignSpecials Art Wall Office Design

Modern Lounge Room Office 2010Modern Lounge Room Office 2010

Modern Interiors Ethnic Meeting OfficeModern Interiors Ethnic Meeting Office

Modern Interior Wall Ethnic OfficeModern Interior Wall Ethnic Office

2010 Modern office interior wall design is very concerned about the nature of ethnicity, so that the design is quite modern, Specials Wall Art Office Design, Modern Office Lounge Room 2010, Modern Office Interiors Ethnic Meeting, Modern Interior Wall Ethnic Office, a few modern examples of interior Wall Office 2010, hopefully after seeing this wall you get inspiration in rearranging your office space.

Home and Garden Design | Decorative tree Bookshelf Furniture for kid room

Decorative tree Bookshelf Furniture
Bookshelf Tree Furniture is a beautiful furniture designers created by Shawn Soh Korean Children, This is a decorative bookshelf with a tree shape is designed to combine the attractive appearance and functions you can use to complement your child's bedroom.

Decorative Tree Bookshelf Furniture

Home and Garden Design | Modloft Forsyth Dining Chair Furniture

Modloft Forsyth Dining Chair Furniture
Modloft Forsyth Dining Chair Furniture is a Dining Chair Furniture Design made of leather and has a modern design Forsyth Dining Chair is the perfect part for your dining room. Sleek-back dining chairs, with brown Ultrasuede chairs, finished in Wenge color matching. Hand made chair of the features Malaysian oak frame with Wenge, Do you want to have the design of this chair? please click here to get this seat

Sunday, May 30, 2010



Calçada - Grupo Farah Service
Bilheteria e Concierge - Marcio Nascimento e Regina Arruda
Sala Corporativa e Tecnológica - Andraci Maria Atique
Espaço Design e Sala de Imprensa - Lionel Sasson
Praça Terra Brasilis - Alexandre Furcolin
Temakeria - Maithiá Guedes
Bookstore - Gerson Dutra de Sá e Ana Lucia Salama
Concierge de Viagens - Triplex Arquitetura - Adriana Helu, Carolina Oliveira e Marina Torre
Homenagem à Lucio Costa - Mauricio Queiroz 

Grande Recepção - Alessandra Almeida, Ana Vidal e Silvio Sant´Anna
Suíte Las Vegas - Alessandro Jordão e Kiko Sobrino
Suíte Praia - Andrea Teixeira & Fernanda Negrelli

Suíte Urbana / Rimowa - Giovani Bonetti e Tais Adriana Marchetti Bonetti
Suíte Daniela Mercury - Leticia Ruivo
Suíte Adriane Galisteu - In House Design - Betina Barcellos, Karina Salgado e Andréa Bugarib
Banheiro Público Unissex - Marco Portes e Cida Portes
Suíte São Paulo - Moema Wertheimer
Suíte Raí - Consuelo Jorge

Suíte da Top Model - Olegário de Sá e Gilberto Cioni

Suíte Gugu Liberato - Glaucya Taraskevicius
Suíte Ana Maria Braga - Karina Afonso
Banheiro Público Unissex - Paula Carvalho e Eduardo Kacinskis

Camarote Brasil - Ana Rita Sousa e Silva
Praça Tropical - Paula Magaldi
Restaurante Brasileiro - Jayme Bernardo
Joalheria - José Antonio Henrique e Lilian Silva Carvalho
Boulangerie - Carlos Marsi
Praça da Família - Maier Gilbert e Alexandre Braga
Bangalô da Praia - Roberto Reis e Luita Trench
Pizza Bar  - Cris Paola e Dani Barella
Deca Spa - Patricia Anastassiadis

Jardim do Bosque - Daniela Sedo
Lounge Bar - José Roberto Moreira do Valle
Casa de Chá - Ana Cristina Barbosa e José Queijo Felix

Jardim das Frutas - Sylvia Figueiró e Sofia Matos Guidi

Sunday morning yumminess: Egg custard with pancetta crisp

Egg custard
1 pt heavy cream
½ cup roasted chicken fat
2 cloves garlic
2 bay leaves
Whole peppercorn
4 yolks
1 whole egg
Salt and pepper to taste

Combine all except eggs and steep over low flame for 20 minutes.

Temper the egg mixture in.

Pour into shells, bake, covered, in bain marie for 20 minutes or until set.

Via Sunday Suppers. Super photos by Karen Mordechai as usual.
Big belated thanks for the love link from Stephanie at Ohhh...Mhhh

The Acapulco chair....Love at first sight

I'm loving this Acapulco chair spotted in Grand Designs magazine...It just feels like the perfect garden accessories staple you want right here, right now!
Designed in 1950s, the iconic Acapulco chair is still as stylish and contemporary as when it was first designed and will look superb at home to bring Summer indoor or on the deck outside, especially since The Acapulco Chair Company has now re-edited the chair in gorgeous, to die-for colours like orange, turquoise
The chair costs £345 + shipping and £375 for the rocking chair version

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