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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Champagne Kissed....

I'm signing off for 2009 and very much looking forward to 2010. I think it's going to be a very exciting year both personally and professionally. The Shelter design website/new identity is launching in mid- January. I'll also continue to feature fresh ideas, amazing finds and inspiration on the Shelter-Blog.
I can't wait to share my recent projects and some photos of my home with you!!
I want to send A huge thank you to each and every-one of my readers for your support + loyalty! I wish you all the best for healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year!!
Now a little fashion/design bit. I predict that we're going to continue to see warm metallics; like gold and copper popping up everywhere in fashion and at home in 2010! {so I guess it's 010'}
Cheers xxoo, Julie

Images: Harper's Bazaar, Jeffrey Bilhuber, Decor Pad, Vogue (Nina Ricci), Jan Showers, Bazaar, ?, Lindsey Adelman, J. Crew, Homes and Gardens, via La Dolce Vita, Canadian House and Home

Rek No. 4

Origami for beginners. The form comes from a flat plate which has been folded in a simple way.
Casimir Muebelen


Jonathan Adler's latest furniture line...... very chic.

This piece would look great with two large lamps on either end!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

WOW - Accessory Perfection.....

While doing some quick blog cruising...I came across these "AMAZING" necklaces via Coco and Kelley. They are designed by Elva Fields!! I may just have to buy myself a pregnancy present; and since fabulous clothing is out of the question, one of these beauties may be just perfect.

MASTERLED - novos produtos - LED PHILIPS


LED Na iluminação comercial




A Fresh Start...

After the craziness of the holidays...I crave calmness. The limed oak floors and walls {image two} in these photos deliver just that!

The Book Belt

A stylish accessory that wraps around your books for easy carrying.
The Book Belt

Sunday, December 27, 2009

One cool, must-have bracelet on my list.....

Christmas + Day 3...a very in-active afternoon which felt really good....
The boys are watching a DVD (after going to bed at 8am today that's all they can manage...), Mila and Lily are playing on the computer, Elodie is sewing a blouse for Lily supervised by her 'sewing' Jedi (our mum) while I was looking for inspiration to decorate Mila's bedroom in our new family house in London.
I'm looking at the pics I took over the past few many happy moments...
Christophe offered a beautiful La Trop bag and a leather wrist wrap by Clare Vivier to Bodie and after seeing this gorgeous bracelet on her, I know now that I will treat myself to one when we go back to work. When the stock arrived, they were so beautifully wrapped that I didn't dare to unwrap one in case I would do a crappy job to put it back but this bracelet is looking even more gorgeous in reality than on the photo.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

About 'moi'

My name is Karine Candice. I'm French, I live in London with a New-Zealander and I'm the maman of a 5 years old freewi* called Mila Sienna.

I'm also the Creative Director and Co-Founder of chic online concept store BODIE and FOU which I launched with my sister Elodie in 2005 (pictured below with the sunglasses).

In this blog, I write about everything that inspires me...interior design, house tours, photography, children stuff, my DIY projects in our home in London (you can see the work in progress on the blog) and our holidays home in France, about news from our concept store.
I also write about things that makes me laugh, what Mila says and about personal stuff (because sometimes, running your own business, being a mum, making time for friends, etc..and have time for oneself, gets JUST a bit too much!)
This year, I'm also a contributor to Poppytalk's new series, reporting on anything that inspires me from France...
BODIE and FOU is named after Elodie and I...BODIE because it is the way we've been calling Elodie since she was little and FOU because my kiwi thought I was mad when we should have been folle but his French wasn't very good at the time so FOU it was.

I love WHITE and grey interiors, mixing simple, INSPIRING designs with flea-market finds to create relaxed, child-friendly INTERIORS.
I adore VANESSA PARADIS, Charlotte Gainsbourg (I'm French after all!). I admire Jacqueline MORABITO, love food, fashion, designs, taking PHOTOS and having a good time with my friends and FAMILY (see below).

If you have any tips, suggestions, want to send me some chocolates/gifts/clothes or you just want to say Bonjour! - leave a comment or email me at leblog (at)bodieandfou(dot)com

"A little black book of interiors, with tips on how to recreate effortlessly stylish French chic" VOGUE magazine

D'autres trucs...
BODIE and FOU Le Blog has been featured in VOGUE magazine, Easy Living, The Independent and TIMEOUT magazines.
I have also been featured and interviewed in Easy Living, The Independent newspaper and Time Out, La Petite Magazine and various blogs: Snoop, SFGirlbyBay, Bright Bazaar, PoppyTalk, The Beat That My Heart Skipped, etc.
My home in France has also been featured in numerous leading interior magazines and newspapers around the world

* Home Beautiful Australia - October 2010
* London Family Style by Editions Paumes (Japan)
* Casa Facile (Italian) - July 2010
* Saturday Telegraph - July 2010
* Junior magazine - June 2009
* Grand Designs - August 2008
* You magazine - August 2007

*Freewi: French mother/ Neo-Zelander father

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Joyeux Noel et bonne annee

The last four weeks have been mental at the warehouse, we've been inundated by orders, more than we expected...and as a consequence we had to work from 8am until 11pm most days and weekends. I can't tell you how exhausted I was....
As soon as we closed BODIE and FOU for the holidays on Tuesday, I rushed home, gift-wrapped a few more presents and packed my bag as we were up the day after at 4am to catch our flight to France to spend the holidays with the family....I finally managed to have a good night sleep and slightly recovered but the last thing I feel doing is spending more time on my computer so I just wanted to wish you all a fabulous Christmas with your family.
I hope you get the chance to rest and have some quality time with the people you love!
Thank you for all your lovely comments, contributions and inspiration
Lots of love
Montage from the fabulous sfgirlbybay
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