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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Seriously, break out the china

{I have long loved this image and Kelly Wearstler's china patterns for Pickard (below) - am very into these colors right now!}

My husband and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary last night {not sure where the time goes}, we relaxed at home over dinner, wine and dessert with our three year old son. {Emerson our 7 month old daughter was sleeping - this is a rare occasion really}. After reading Amy Dragoo's quote via La Dolce Vita yesterday, I decided I had to break out our china! Here's Amy's motto: Life is too short, eat off the good china! I couldn't agree more Amy. It's the simple details, that make the difference! So tonight, I encourage you to "eat off the good china". It was really nice, I think I'll do it more often...

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