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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Inspired = Lyford Cay Club - Bahamas

I'm smitten with Tom Scheerer's design for the Lyford Cay Club. It delivers so many wonderful elements; pagoda designs, grass cloth, faux bamboo, corals, pink, yellow and chocolate, antique mirrors. etc. etc. Most of Tom's designs use these materials. His work is amazing.
I'm not sure I'll ever make  it past the pink entry gates, but a girl can dream right? A little beach shack in the Bahamas would do. {see Tom's home here - I am in love with this casual beauty}
How amazing is this tented dining area?

And the Lyford Cay inspired Pagoda print by Quadrille {of course}

Images: Lyford Cay Club - via Town and Country and, Pagoda Images: Coastal Living, Meg Braff

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Room of the week 6.28

It is absolutely gorgeous in Boston today. I love and enjoy every minute of this time of year. 
I'm especially inspired by the shades of summer right now! The image above reminded me of the colors and textures of drift wood and sand. This dining room pulls off a casually, sophisticated look. The chairs, pendants and table all work so well together. Love it.

image: Pinterest via La Dolce Vita blog.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Inspired - Wood Ceilings

I love the warmth wood ceilings add to a home. I am especially drawn to lighter shades of wood. It's so important not to forget your "fifth" elevation when designing a room! I always address the ceilings when working on client projects.

I love Lee Kleinhelter's simple, graphic spaces. I wonder if she'll be relocating from her city dwellings anytime soon, I always enjoy seeing her latest projects!

Isn't this ceiling gorgeous? House Beautiful

Painting the wood white creates a crisp and clean look!
Images: Traditional Home, Pinterest, Lee Kleinhelter - Cottage Living {oh how I miss that magazine!}, Pinterest,
Elle Decor, HB, Pinterest, HB, Pinterest, Cottage Living, House Beautiful

Thursday, June 23, 2011

By The Sea

poster available here

Kiel James Patrick
Shoes: Kate  Spade
House Beautiful

Net - a - Porter

Classic Jackie O.

I am by no means overly preppy. {although there is nothing wrong with that}  I do love nautically inspired fashion and rooms! Tis' the season I guess! 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Am I Mad?

I am currently loving Pink Sofas!! {esp. pale pink}
I especially love pink mixed with tan, cream and gold!! Amazing.

 Images: Pinterest, #7 I Suwannee, #8 Elements of Style, Image #11 My Vibe My Life

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Art I'm loving

Have you checked out Jen Ramos of Made By Girl 's small paintings? I love these colorful creations! I've added yet another item to my wish list! See them all here!

Room of the Week 7.21.11

I love the pickled walls and floor in this image. Everything about this space conjures up thoughts of lazy summer days away from home! I'm heading out to Nantucket in a couple of weeks! I can hardly wait, but I will, because June just disappeared! I LOVE the summer.

Sponsor Welcome, Dana Gibson


I'm excited to share the custom designed products from my newest sponsor, Dana Gibson. Dana Gibson's site is full of beautiful, colorful, and fanciful accessories, lamps and decorative objects for your home! I especially love her colorful pillows and lamps. Be sure to visit her shop here! Below is Dana's mission:
 "offering items that will lighten, brighten and ultimately, transform the home. A ceramics designer for fifteen years, creating beautiful lamps and vases inspired by European porcelain, Dana has recently branched out into pillows and tole painted wastebaskets.  “I’m excited about these new product lines because they are allowing me to explore my interest in and my love for pattern, as well as add exciting accents to today’s home.” 

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