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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hues from Dastakar Nature Bazaar 2010

Craft Bazaars and Melas have a special place in my heart, the colourful ambience with India's rich art & crafts displayed by artisans are a treat to the eyes...

Here are some frames from the colourful Dastakar Nature Bazaar.
Loved the vibrant kites, how magical a room would look with loads of them hanging from the ceiling!
Never tire of these colourful baskets made of wild grass.
Dastakar's Ranthambore Project. The Tiger motifs on bedspreads, cushion covers were so charming:-)
Mirror mirror on the wall, can you spot me at all;-)
Beautifully crafted paper-mache' birds from Orissa
Handmade Dolls
Gorgeous terracotta pots, jars and pans from Kumbham Pottery, Kerala
Intricate Kantha work on silk from West Bengal
Want to hang some pink elephants and blue fish?
Some beautifully crafted baskets and home accessories

The Dastakar Nature Bazaar is on till the 15th August, 2010.

(Images by Arch)

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